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he Emmitsburg News-Journal will be supported by both sponsors and advertisers, taking on a "National Public Radio-style" approach to funding. Like any paper, advertising will play a pivotal role, but not at the expense of the development of good quality content. As such, the development of a sponsor base to support an endowment fund that will allow the paper to continue to publish the highest quality content even in the harshest of economic conditions well be a top priority for us. All contributions are welcomed.

     The London Financial Times is world's most informative and respected newspaper. Unlike many newspapers which are thrown away, the London Financial Times draws its reader in with one insightful article after another.  It introduces you to subjects and topics you'll not read about anywhere else. Because of its focus is on on quality content, its not unusual to read three of four pages in a row with a single ad. The Times requires a quite read, but it's well worth it.

     The Emmitsburg Dispatch set the bar for how to manage and solicit content for a community paper. Working for its creators, Bo & Jean Cadle was a pure pleasure, an environment we hope to recreate for our writers in the Emmitsburg News-Journal.

     Within its pages readers will be able to keep abreast of town government and county affairs through in-depth news reporting, and community affairs and activities as reported by members of those communities, such as the local fire companies, the Lions Club, and business community; plan their weeks around community events and activities, and be entertained and enlightened by thoughtful and creative writing by members of the community.