Just before going to press with this first edition of the new Emmitsburg News-Journal,

we came across the following article published June 14, 1879 in Samuel Motter's first

edition of the Emmitsburg Chronicle. We were struck by how close the goals and hopes of

the first Chronicle were to the those of the News-Journal. We shall endeavor to live by

them. "For the proper continuity of our record, but without aiming at precision of dates,

that it suffice to say as many of our readers already know, that, sometime ago we are

printed in circulated as follows:


"In response to repeated suggestions for the publication of the newspaper in

Emmitsburg, and the solicitations that the undersigned should undertake the same,

he has decided to put forth the subscriptions lists, in order to ascertain what encouragements

may be given, and the probabilities for the maintenance of such enterprise. It is proposed

to issue a weekly paper with the name above given. The aim will be to make it, exceptionally,

a paper for the family circle, of general intelligence, local news, and useful information, as also a medium for advertising. It will be independent throughout; whilst avoiding secularism in religion, and partisanship in politics: you'll be earnest in the defense of truth, justice and honesty, and as far as possible, a conservator of public morals. The Chronicle will be published in a convenient and readable form, at the price of $1.50 a year, payable in advance and subject to the terms common among printers, together with such other minor and necessary details as may hereafter be announced."


We invite correspondents from everywhere; we offer opportunities for all to give expression to their thoughts, in the way of original articles, of proper length, and whose substance may be adapted to our volumes. We shall keep a steady hold upon the helm, but at the same time extended general invitation to those who regard with favor our undertaking, to lay hold of the oars and help us bring our endeavor into the haven of kind approbation.


In our advertising columns many business will find room for observing the practical results of the political economy, how supply follows demand and its converse, how one resorts to plenty, and that this last must be manifested, before it will be sought after. In a word, that in order to sell effectively, there needs to be a publication, of the articles to be sold, what they are, in the inducements which should attract customers, and finally that judicious outlay to enhance profits, will bring better results, devoid of the action, which modern modes of business make indispensably necessary.


EDITOR  |  Michael Hillman






Emmitsburg has a rich history of high quality community newspapers. From its first newspaper,

the Emmitsburg Star, to its longest serving paper, the Emmitsburg Chronicle, to its most

recent paper, the Emmitsburg Dispatch. Each one in its heyday had one common feature - a

dedication to serving the needs of one community and one community only - Emmitsburg.


In today's troubled economic times, I find solace in my knowledge that the history of the

Emmitsburg area is rich with examples of the community coming together to help itself out.

The pages of its papers are filled with stories of acts of selflessness, kindness and humility.

The names and stories of the people who made the Emmitsburg area so wonderful to live in

would have been lost had it not been for the efforts of people like Samuel Motter, Sterling Galt,

Eric Glass, Bo and Jean Cadle, Ray and Jen Buckhister to name just a few who worked

tirelessly to capture the events of their days.


Like any paper, advertising will play a pivotal role, but not at the expense of the development

of good quality content. As such, a primary focus of my efforts will be the development of a sponsor

base to support an endowment fund that will allow the paper to continue to publish the highest

quality content even in the harshest of economic conditions.


The heart and soul of a community newspaper is its contributors. To make a paper a community paper,

you need community writers. To this end, the paper will maximize content contributions by community members, seeking out diverse quality community writers from all walks of life. In short, the Emmitsburg News-Journal will incorporate within its pages the best elements of all the newspapers that have served this community over the years. To submit suggestions or feedback by email, using your own email program please click on the link below (or send it to us at editor@emmitsburg.com).